Offers for employers and employees

You are looking for an employee and shy away from the expenditure of time?

We would gladly assist you and would like to try, to perfectly fill out the open working position in your business. Because of our experience at work, we are in on the actual promoting directives. In the first place we are able to discuss possible promotions for a working position and to speak with the local job centre.

Are you looking for support while searching for a successful return into the working environment?

We will show you your potentials and search for the right work place. We are also able to open doors for the eventually necessary re-training and re-qualification.

Since 1996 BIQ got the allowance for being an employment service. We are also in possession of every other necessary Approval, Certificate and application. For over 20 years we have been networked in Berlin. The experienced BIQ gGmbH team will gladly help with your further tasks.
You can be sure that this task will be treated trustfully.  We also take the actual data protection services seriously.

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