Employment Projects

On behalf of different jobcentres in Berlin, we are running different measures in most districts to do with the course of the actual work promoting directives („Arbeitsförderrichtlinien“).

We operate in different social areas:

  • Tourism
  • Promoting activities for seniors and handicapped people
  • Work for kids and young people
  • And partly in approved commercial working areas
  • Coaching for orientation and reorientation for admitting to an activity in the course of the regular employment relationship.

We attach great importance to the meaningfulness of the activities because they should make up a suggestion of how to orientate oneself in different working areas and to think about a following qualification.

The project-team is trying to support participants on their way to insure employment since 1996. This team is a very committed and experienced team  which will advise each participant on request. Also we will attempt to give advice in a personal problematic situation.

If you are interested, please contact your local jobcentre and ask if there is a temporary position in our business for you.

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