bildungsmarkt unternehmensverbund

The bildungsmarkt unternehmensverbund is a non-profit non-governmental corporation, which has been employing and qualifying people for the labor market since 1986. Currently, 3000 youth and young adults are being trained in one of our over twenty training facilities. 350 bildungsmarkt employees support and supervise them during their initial training or their qualification.

Our motto is learning for the future, our mission is to develop perspectives for people and companies. We offer:

  • individualized trainings tailored to today’s business needs
  • flexible modular certificates and nationally and internationally recognized vocational diplomas 
  • vocational qualification programs continually in development,for example: modular trainings, individual skill assessment and mentoring, promoting intercultural competence
  • continual cultivation of our growing national and international networks and of our cooperation partners

Our clients are governmental organizations, municipal institutions, and businesses. Our partners are trade associations, businesses, vocational schools and training centers in 12 EU States.

bildungsmarkt unternehmensverbund is made up of the mother company bildungsmarkt e.v. and its five subsidiaries in different Berlin districts, each with its own individual focus:

  • bildungsmarkt vulkan & waldenser gmbh
  • kiezküchen gmbh
  • spok gmbh
  • BIQ gGmbH

What we do

bildungsmarkt unternehmensverbund provides vocational training in the trades and industry, in the service sector, and in the educational and health care sector. Our goal is job placement in the regional, national or European labor market. We cooperate with businesses and consult companies on training and personnel development.

We offer

  • initial vocational trainings for youth
  • qualification to fulfill the prerequisites of initial trainings
  • further training and education
  • employment and qualification for the unemployed

Individual assessment of potential, profiling and coaching is standard in all bildungsmarkt programs.
We combine vocational training with services in gastronomy, trades, retail sales, sports and health care. Most of our training restaurants, service companies, trade workshops, trading operations, sports arenas, meeting facilities, counseling centers and social institutions are open to the public.

coordinator international activities

Regina Schmidt-Rossleben
tel. +49-30-39739188
bildungsmarkt unternehmensverbund